Integrated Farm Consultancy

End to End Consultancy

  • Business modelling,
  • Farm Site visits, viability n feasibility study,
  • Soil/water test, GPS maping through drone,
  • Bore well point from geologists,- water test,
  • Water conservation & Water management (drip, sprinkle etc . . )
  • Automated irrigation systems,
  • Soil test,- Agri land development: bio-manure procurement,
  • Fodder plot development-Types of fodder
  • Supply of Seeds & procurement,
  • Land development, manure management
  • Sowing methods
  • Silage preparation & methods of preparation
  • Hydroponics unit of fodder cultivation
  • Supply of Medicines/vaccination and farm equipment procurement
  • Types of shed with 3D Drawings and video presentation, scientific dismountable shed construction
  • In farm Training for the farmers & entrepreneurs
  •  Types of breeds (desi & exotic) of cow/sheep/goat/desi chicken & selection
  • Supply of all type of livestock’s
  • Conditioning of the livestock’s
  • Daily routine activities of concentrate feed & feed supplements formula
  • Necessary periodical treatments like, woof trimming, wool removal, External parasites treatment in dipping tank
  • De worming & vaccination schedule
  •  Management practices
  • Marketing management & Branding
  • Record keeping by our Software/Database Development
  • Surveillance camera system: Provides surveillance camera system for
    the security and monitoring.