Shed Construction


We are the construction with Labour & material contractor for shed fabrication. Our SHEEP/GOAT FARM & CATTLE FARM/POULTRY/QUAIL RABBIT FARM SHEDS are High quality, Cost effective & Affordable. We are having a team of expertise fabricators & we provided Quotations and auto cad drawings and designs of the shed. We provide you to execute the shed construction work by scientific methods of construction for sheep/goat & cattle, poultry, rabbit sheds by cost effective & affordable. Our stall-fed sheds are dismantable, Stable & aesthetic, High strength & stiffness, high weight bearing Structure is durable for more years, Fast & Easy to install, High Anti – Rust Guard, Eco-friendly Material can be used for several times and can be recycled. Structure is reliable, Design According to Environment, Climate & Locality, and Easy to assemble & dismantle. Manufacture under complete Quality control systems, Installation with instructions of experienced engineers, shorter construction period and long last durability. For housing of Sheep n goat sheds 3 method of shed construction we do as follows.

Housing for Goats - Advanced Shed

Sheep &  Goats can be kept in various types of housing dependent upon various factors. We have provided details on the methods we have executing.

Advantages: Needs less Labor dependability. High-tech, Hygienic, Long Durability more than 10 years, easily washable, does not need Daily cleaning ,Easy Maintenance, Cleaning the Dung and waste can be done once in a 3 months, Less labour oriented, Anti skid, Avoids fungal  problems, 16 mm spacing slats to facilitates of easy dropping, More long life without repair work, water proof & resistant to heat. Virgin plastic material available in attractive color

Housing for Goats - Semi Advanced Shed

Advantages: Needs less Labor dependability, It is viable, Costs lesser than P P Slated method and reduces the initial investment cost, Nature friendly, semi High-tech, Flooring with wood, Wooden floors can Dura able more than 5 years, does not need Daily cleaning, easy maintenance, hygiene, Cleaning the Dung and waste can be done once in a 3 months, anti skid, avoids fun gal problems, 12 mm spacing gap from wood to wood to facilitates of easy dropping, Low maintenance & resistant to heat. Less labour oriented in this method.

Housing for Goats

Advantages: It is more viable, Costs lesser than P P Slated & wooden floor method and thus reduces the initial investment cost.

Dairy Closed Type Shed

Dairy Open Type Shed

Poultry Shed