Supply of Sheep/Goat/Cows


SHEEP is the most docile and earliest domesticated among the animals for basic needs of food & clothing. Sheep are dual-purpose animals producing wool & mutton. They convert food & manure into good cash, products & fertilize the land. Sheep’s are small animals, easy to manage. The sheep husbandry has potential in India’s agricultural economy as an increasing need is being felt to diversify farm enterprises to provide greater profits.

The goat is poor man’s cow because of their immense contribution to the poor people’s economy. They not only supply nutritious and easily digestible milk and regular source of additional income for poor and marginal farmers. It is the backbone of the economy of small and landless farmers. Goats play an important role in income generation, capital storage, employment generation and improving household nutrition, being smaller in size they are easier to manage, requires less space and can be easily handled by women. Feeding, milking and care of goats do not require much hard work. Capital for livestock and cost of feeding is also low. Four goats can be maintained as cheaply as one cow. Goats are very resistant to diseases. The excreta and urine of the goat is richer in nitrogen, potash, and phosphorus than cow dung.