Vismaya Vet


Vismaya Natural Remedies has been exploring, utilizing & supporting the Ayurvedic & Herbal hidden treasure in nature for last one decade by offering the safe (without side effect) natural products by our team of scientists & doctors have unravelled the mysteries of nature by scientific standardization, validation & process by cutting edge technology to provide a remarkable products from nature’s own land.

Vismaya Natural Remedies It is an independent natural remedies Development unit of a VISMAYA INTEGRATED FARM TECH. Our focus is provide quality & dedicated services in the most cost effective & performance oriented natural solutions for a livestock unit to achieve former/entrepreneur breakeven point by prescribed time frame. Quality being our main focus, we have been able to set a new benchmark for excellence in the Ayurveda & herbal industry sector. All the products are manufactured and tested as per international standards. Pure and high quality herbal raw materials are used in all our products and are manufactured in cGMP facilities.