Vismaya Naturals

VISMAYA INTEGRATED FARM TECH is well known brand in Agriculture & Farming Domain from since two generations of hands on experience. The principles have guided us and customers have been the key to our success. We are won the confidence of our valuable customers. Now we are extending our own products with natural plant and herbs composition. We made the strong presence in all core applications in natural harmony with nature.

VISMAYA NATURALS organic manures with NANO TECHINOLOGY NUTRITION + IMMUNITY + PROTECTION + STRENGTH = GROWTH which Suitable for the vegetative phase of all plants by Complete and well-balanced plant nutrients, Contains Natural Growth enchancers (plant growth multiplier)Stimulating root formation to increase the Efficiency of Basic Fertilizer, Economical & Suitable for all types of crops for sustainable agriculture. The first time in globe, we are introducing 100% natural weedicide management input made up of indigenous cow urine with herbal ingredients, which will not damage the soil fertility and contradict the photosynthesis process of weeds. We provide end to end solution in a complete value in agriculture, Horticulture, agro forestry plantations & integrated farming by natural organic way & we focus on providing consultancy for the investors on commercial crops which fetch High Returns in short period which are non-taxable unit and what you earn is a tax free income. Narural Farming is a Rapidly Evolving field with the potential to take forward the agriculture and food industry with new tools which promise to increase food production in a sustainable manner and to protect fertility of the soil & crops from pests by Natural, organic way and these products are Nontoxic and environmentally friendly.

VISMAYA NATURALS our vision is we dedicate everything to achieve healthier and happier lives. Our mission is to propagate safe agricultural practices so as to provide the world food that is safe to consume. To grow healthy and safe food, our soil must be healthy and crop production practices must be safe without the use of toxic chemicals. If soil is treated with harmful substances, the soil cannot thrive on its own. Harmful and unsafe synthetic inputs contaminate the soil, water and air. Such harmful substances stick around for decades and even longer posing a great threat to the ecosystem.